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Eco-Friendly Project

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Eco-Friendly Project

For Sustainable Living on the Earth

The consequences of climate change such as changing meteorological conditions, rising sea levels, and abnormal weather are evident. Taking measures to mitigate the impacts of climate change has become a challenge that the whole world must address. Plastic materials made from petroleum resources have an impact on climate change due to the CO₂ emitted when incinerated. GLASEL was quick to introduce materials that help reduce CO₂ emissions. The Company is also actively striving to reduce its dependence on fossil resources. Another issue is marine plastic debris, which pollutes the oceans and affects all living marine creatures. To help counter this problem, GLASEL is actively working on the use of recycled materials and the development of refill containers. GLASEL is keenly aware of its responsibility as a producer.

GLASELʼs Responsibility as a Producer

Customers are advised to check the eco-friendly raw materials and containers described here by
making prototypes and conducting tests such as resistance to the contents.

GLASEL is a member of the Japan
BioPlastics Association

GLASEL endorses the Plastics Smart
launched by the Ministry of the

Main initiatives