Containers for cosmetics, Glass bottles for pharmaceutical use, Food containers, Daily commodities




We deliver earth-friendly,
"containers" and "packages"
and "satisfaction"
to people around the world.


Glassell's assets are its human resources. We develop human resources to serve as a bridge between our customers and their needs.


Glasel aims to be an international brand with a worldwide network.


Glasel delivers to customers faster than anywhere else, newer than anywhere else,
and with a wider variety than anywhere else.

GLASEL hopes to serve as
your best partner.

President: Goro Ishizuka

As the outlook for the global economy remains uncertain,
corporate responsibilities and needs for containers have become increasingly diverse.

However, one thing remains unchanged:
“The content matters.”
We believe that the new mission of containers is to
maintain the conventional functionality,
delivering the content to customers safely and reliably,
with high quality.
GLASEL offers an extensive range of materials, designs,
and functions
so that customers can use our containers
to fully express the value of the content.
Customers can choose from our exciting range of
standard containers and original containers.
GLASEL will continue to produce innovative solutions
and ideas
in technologies, craftsmanship, and designs,
and offer comprehensive support.

As part of our corporate responsibilities,
we are actively addressing social issues
such as achieving
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
and conserving the global environment.
GLASEL has been working toward making all its products
to be sold eco-friendly by FY2025.
In partnership with many companies,
86% of our products are already eco-friendly
as of April 2022.
We will also continue working to resolve social issues
through our corporate activities,
such as assisting local child-raising,
in addition to our business.

We are also expanding our business globally,
and already have affiliated companies
in Thailand, South Korea, and China.
GLASEL will serve as a hub that connects
the container industries of Japan
and the world to disseminate Japanese containers
globally and quickly introduce
various trends
and new technologies from other countries.

GLASEL remains committed to serving
as your best partner.

President: Goro Ishizuka