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user-friendly products

Visual design is of course essential for cosmetics, which are the first resort in the quest for beauty, but it is also important to consider design from the user's perspective.

For products that are used on a daily basis, it is no use focusing solely on image. Factors such as a product's functionality and how easily it is to pick up and hold should also be taken into account, making it easy to use for as many people as possible.
This thinking also informs our product design.

In developing and improving products, we focus on a range of different viewpoints: containers that open with a half-turn and ones that can be refilled simply and cleanly; close scrutiny of the "feel" of products applied directly to the skin; and designing shapes that enable every last bit of the contents to be used.

This will undoubtedly enable us to create products tailored to the rapidly rising number of older people in the population.

Product development combining
versatility and individuality

In improving and expanding our series of original products, GLASEL tries never to be boring, but to add decoration that vividly transforms them into something original for each customer.
We focus on a range of decorative strategies, not just the size of the printed area and expression of color contrast, but also by means such as adding other parts.

While developing products, we also put forward a variety of decorative proposals irrespective of existing decorations, in order to achieve an individual appearance.


Develop original products
that meet your needs.

We also offer OEM services according to customers' requests. Even if you don't have a specific shape in mind, our commissioned designers will be happy to suggest a shape and design, as well as materials based on our experience. We also offer eco-friendly raw materials, containers, and decorations, so please feel free to contact us. We will support you wholeheartedly from the scratch to the completion of your product.

and development examples

Example 1: Powder container NOVY

A view of multiple containers with their lids open

Try: We want to improve
the usability of the powder case.

The container should allow me
to use the powder completely and cleanly.
I would like to be able to use the powder more easily and not have to turn the container over or load contents onto the cap.
Turning the container upside down to remove the powder

Planning: Design devising,
discussion of mechanism and shape.

Scene of the meeting

Consider: Needs analysis

A woman looking at a computer monitor and analyzing it

Solution: Improve the powder case
with a little ingenuity.

The use of a stretchy mesh material as the inside lid instead of the conventional perforated inside lid enables the user to press and reach the bottom of the container with the puff. This means the user does not have to turn the container upside down.The container has a round bottom to prevent its contents from remaining in the bottom corners and enables the user to load the contents thoroughly from the bottom through the mesh onto the puff. Compared with the previous products, this design ensures that the contents can be used completely and cleanly.

Checking the elasticity of the inner lid by pressing it with a finger against the mesh

These three types that feature
the contrivance of inside lid.