Multifaceted Support

Multifaceted support for container development

Selecting a container is always a tricky problem in new product development.
GLASEL offers a range of information tools and services to help you consider exactly what sort of container is the perfect match for your product image.


In addition to our general Standard Catalog, which mainly lists containers for skincare products and toiletries, GLASEL also publishes a Makeup Catalog that brings together its makeup items, an Import Catalog of items produced overseas, and a Reagent Catalog of containers for reagents and pharmaceuticals, all of which are reprinted and reissued regularly. We are also planning to release other special catalogs when there is sufficient demand. Illustrated by photographs, the materials, sizes, series content, and even accessories are all clearly shown, and the catalogs are indexed for easy reference. (The Standard Catalog includes pictures of actual decorations.)

The Catalog can also be viewed online on the GLASEL website as an electronic book.

Online simulation

The simulator provides onscreen illustrations of any desired combination of bottles and accessories, as well as coloring and other decorations, whenever and wherever the customer desires. The only thing needed is an Internet connection.
After accessing the Online Simulation, users can register a username and set up a profile, which they can use to recall and compare their previous simulations.

Email newsletter

This is where GLASEL releases the latest information, including new products and products that fit in with current trends. Back numbers are available on the company's website. Register to receive the latest newsletter as soon as it is released.


When developing containers for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and similar products, we offer samples to enable customers to consider their needs from every aspect, including both shape and materials. Samples are kept in stock for a wide range of products, and these can be shipped immediately. For sample products other than stock samples, a system is in place for them to be delivered as rapidly as possible, one of our popular features. When new products are released, specially selected series are distributed as early as possible as sample sets with decoration already applied.

Trade shows

GLASEL exhibits at cosmetics trade shows, offering an early view of new products and other specially selected product lines and decorations.

Design services

To help customers who prefer to take advantage of our expertise in order to create designs and produce them in the data format required, GLASEL offers a design and decoration service as part of our total service plan.

The actual design is contracted to a designer specializing in containers, enabling us to provide professional designs that are elegant, highly polished, and original.

Model production

In our model workshop, the Mock Labo, we use proper cutting machinery to turn blueprints into actual three-dimensional models, then complete the process with paint and instant lettering. Models simulating finished products can be created for use in photographs, creating an even more concrete idea of the finished image.

We have also installed 3D printers and set up a system to provide models even more quickly.