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Catalog book

Easy ways to check the largest range of products in the industry

The catalogs contain photos of products, which easily depict materials, sizes, series development and accessories, as well as having easily searchable indexes. (Actual decoration images are provided in the Standard catalog.)

  • Standard catalog extra issue 2019 part2
    New products released after "Standard catalog extra issue 2019 (published in January)"
  • Standard catalog extra issue 2019
    New products released after "Standard catalog extra issue 2018"
  • Standard catalog extra issue 2018
    New products released after "Standard catalog 2017"
  • Standard catalog 2017
    General catalog, mainly for skincare and toiletry
  • Make up catalog 2017
    Focus on makeup items
  • Import catalog 2019
    Products from overseas
  • Reagent catalog 2014
    Health foods, reagent, chemical, daily commodities and so on

Online simulation

* These images are for illustrative purposes only.

  • Easily search most suitable bottle from many products!
  • Accessories can be changed and colored! Hot stamping roller is realistic!
  • Save your favorite on My Page, and private showroom will be opened!

Electronic book*

Standard 2017, Extra issue 2018 and 2019, 2019 part2: an English version is available.
Other catalogs: in Japanese only.

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