Product News

December 21, 2020

Eco-friendly tubes

Environmentally friendly, plant-based tube family

Q.How are they environmentally friendly?
A.These tubes use carbon-neutral* plant-based plastic (biomass plastic) which has a lower environmental burden, in place of conventional petroleum-based plastics.
Plastics made from plant material are environmentally friendly because they do not theoretically result in net CO2 emissions even if they are incinerated on disposal, as the plants from which they are made absorb CO2 as they grow.

Q.Are they reliable as a container?
A.Regarding heat resistance, impact resistance (drop test) and workability (e.g. printing), bio-PE/PET are similar to conventional PE/PET. Bio-PE/PET are odorless and pose no problem in chemical resistance properties.
◎Please always build prototypes.