Product News

July 04, 2019

IBE-A family whose shape transforms from a round cross section at the shoulder to square at the bottom, to give a stylish yet soothing impression.-

The IBE family developed with particular attention to the bottle design comes in six
size options.

Photo (top): IBN-120H, IBN-150H, 200H

Photo (bottom): IBE-50A, IBN-80AH, IBN-100H


  Overflow capacity
H W1 W2 (mm)
IBE-50A 61 95.5 36.5Φ 27.1□  
IBE-80A 915 114 40φ 29.5□  
IBE-100H 115 123 42Φ 30.5Φ  
IBE-120H 137 132.5 44Φ 30.5□  
IBE-150H 168 144.5 46.5Φ 33.5□  
IBE-200H 219 156.5 51Φ 36.6□