Product News

April 26, 2017

KNL family -This family of small volume bottles features aesthetically elaborate forms.-

The released small volume bottles are ideal for samples and trial supplies.

From left: KNL-5PE, 10PE, 15PE, 20PE, 30PE

Material: PE

  Full Volume O.F.(ml) H W1 W2 (mm)
KNL-5PE 6.5 42 18Φ 19.5φ  
KNL-10PE 11.8 64 18.5Φ 20.2φ  
KNL-15PE 17.5 72.2 21Φ 23φ  
KNL-20PE 22.8 77.7 23.4Φ 25.4φ  
KNL-30PE 33.3 87.2 26.5Φ 28.8φ