Corporate Philosophy

The spirit of creation and romanticism Flexibility for changes and gaining mobility Confidence and gratitude

Containers that do everything required of them ... and more

The pace of change today is dizzying. People's values are changing all the time, and their needs are becoming ever more diverse. It is difficult to tell what the future holds.   For a company to be of benefit to society at large, it must possess the ability to handle information in order to discern what is happening, the flexibility to respond, and the drive to supply the products people want quickly. Product safety is also becoming increasingly important.   At GLASEL, we provide a reliable supply of high-quality bottles and jars that have gone through a stringent quality control process for use in a wide variety of fields, and have gained the full confidence and satisfaction of our customers. We set ourselves the task of finding out what people want today, and are constantly releasing new products. We utilize our organizational strength, expertise in planning and proposals, technology, experience, performance, and capacity for quality control in the creation of all types of container, striving for total harmony as we engage proactively not only in Japan but internationally.   We were also pioneers in prioritizing ecology. With the attitude that it is important to do what we can now, we are engaging in forward-looking activities for the sake of the global environment.   Never satisfied with the status quo, we are making every effort to look to the future so that we can be of service to all our customers.

GLASEL CO.,LTD. President Toshiaki Tanimura

"Harmonization" Planning Technique Quality Delivery Customer Satisfaction