GLASEL, the one-stop store for containers

GLASEL aims to be the one-stop store for containers, providing products for industries as wide-ranging as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, reagents, and health foods.
Not only do we already boast the industry's top line-up of original products, but we are also constantly developing new containers.

What makes GLASEL different

Containers to meet every need

Organizational strength = Collaborating factories + Individual in-house departments

Network of collaborating factories gives us the wide-ranging capacity to deal with a diverse variety of products

We have adopted a manufacturing system whereby forming and processing is carried out at the most appropriate collaborating factory for each individual product, which allows us to handle the production of a broad range of products. GLASEL is responsible for every stage up to final inspection, enabling us to supply safe, high-quality products. In addition to Japanese-manufactured products, we also have a group company in Thailand* as well as outstanding factories in South Korea and elsewhere.

In-house network for monitoring every process up until final inspection

From forming and processing to inspection and delivery, GLASEL provides total support through close coordination. Our warehouses are also concentrated within the Head Office premises to ensure that our products are supplied efficiently, swiftly, and carefully.

Expertise in planning and proposals = Design + Tools + Marketing

Flexible thinking and planning expertise, with the goal of being a one-stop store for containers

While grasping the latest information and market requirements, GLASEL is constantly planning and creating original products.

Expertise in proposals enables us to give concrete form to our customers' needs

GLASEL's marketing staff, who are well versed in the company's products, utilize the company's high-level design services, not just catalogs but also online simulation and the industry's largest showroom among many other methods, to offer efficient proposals for the best products.

Technology, performance, and experience = Product development + Design

Consumer confidence built up through the development of numerous products

Building on our long-standing performance and experience, we are developing containers that combine plastics chosen for their compatibility with the contents concerned with good design, usability, and the capacity for mass production.

The technology to produce high-quality products

We work in concert with collaborating manufacturers and prioritize quality to provide products that feel safe.

Capacity for quality control = Functional measurements and tests + Clean room + Rinsing line

Rigorous functional testing for quality control

The new models handled by GLASEL undergo functional tests including leakage testing, environmental tests, and others, and only go on sale after their acceptability has been confirmed by the Quality Control Division.

Random checks on internal delivery and total inspections in the clean room

Products furnished by GLASEL are always subject to random checks*, and we only supply products that meet our standards. For international products and when higher-level standards are required, all units are checked in a clean room.
*Except in special circumstances.

Cleaning equipment for fully automated rinsing and drying

The clean room contains a line for the fully automated rinsing and drying of containers, mainly glass bottles, with water purified by reverse osmosis (RO water).

GLASEL responds to its customers' needs by mobilizing capacities that exceed the functions of a commercial company together with its strength in prioritizing outstanding safety above all else.